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About me

I believe that nothing is more deserving of our time and attention than our own physical and mental wellbeing.

I deliver bespoke 1-2-1 and small group personal training sessions and I love helping people make fitness a part of their lives that they enjoy.

I made the jump from gym-goer to fitness professional when I qualified as a Spinning instructor in 2009, more or less as a joke. My passion for fitness and for helping others with their fitness journey soon had more of my attention than my desk-based day job.

I gained numerous qualifications, including that of REPs certified Personal Trainer. I began to change my career and I’ve never looked back. I now work full time in fitness and in 2020 I designed and had built my own garden gym – I’m extremely proud of it.


As well as being a qualified Personal Trainer, I hold qualifications in many other disciplines including Spinning, Sports Massage, Kettlebells, Suspension training, Circuit training, Purestretch, Boxercise, Nordic Walking and Aqua Aerobics. But we don’t talk about those last two so much.

Real People. Real Results

Please read my testimonials for what my clients have to say about me.

“Step into his purpose built, professionally equipped gym room in his garden and Russ will provide you with a warm welcome and an outline of the one-to-one session ahead.

With a supportive and calm approach, Russ is highly knowledgeable and experienced in making sure that his clients have a personalised, interesting, varied and achievable programme of exercises that are specific to their needs and requirements.

Russ’s attention to health and safety is exemplary and he ensures that the equipment is cleaned after use and always kept in excellent working order.

I highly recommend Russ as a personal trainer.  He has made exercise fun and interesting – something I have never said before and I can already feel the benefits of my twice weekly workouts.”


“Russ has now helped me through treatment and recovery of cancer twice. This time around we have had to deal with broken bones.

Regardless of our nervousness as we started out, Russ has been absolutely amazing, emphatic but still pushing me through and so, so very patient.

I have progressed over 6 weeks so much that I am now back doing Kettlebells, Pilates, and Spin classes, and can walk comfortably for 2 hours.

I am now in 3 of 8 chemotherapy cycles and the really good news is I do not require a blood transfusion this cycle because I am doing so well with my training and nutrition that it has improved my red cell count. Amazing!

I can never thank you enough Russ. X”


“As a man in my late 50’s, and one who has been in International Human Resources Corporate life for my whole career I know the importance of maintaining one’s well being both mentally and physically.

For mental wellbeing I have always had my network of coaches and mentors, but physically I have always turned to professionals to support my goals and ambitions. Why professionals? Well, following a structured and tailored approach/programme enables me to get the best from my training as well as the all-important continued motivation and human interaction.

I chose Russ for a number of key factors: his focus on the clients goals and ambitions; his ‘getting to know’ his client to ensure optimum results are delivered – through regular interaction and motivational support; the fact he was personally recommended to me by a number of my colleagues; his professionalism in managing/tailoring my training programme even to the point of delivering our sessions online when I was travelling or unable to attend the gym in person…. And his good sense of humour 😊

I have no hesitation in recommending Russ.”


“Russ has been my personal trainer and spin instructor for the last 12 years or so.

What started as a bit of an experiment with a spin class on a Saturday morning many moons ago, grew into outdoor, then indoor kettlebell classes and subsequently, Russ became my personal trainer when I had specific goals in mind.

All of this changed exponentially however, when I broke my knee and ankle in a riding accident, and yet again Russ was there to help me pick up the pieces and get myself in a place where I was able to rebuild strength and eventually return to somewhat normal function. Russ worked really closely with me, listened to the requirements of my physio (push me, hard), stood with me when the pain was so intense I thought I might cry, but ultimately, helped me get back to the same level of fitness I was pre-accident, in just 7 months post walking again. I was back, back-squatting 70kg which I never thought I could do. Russ is super encouraging, very knowledgeable and always makes my sessions fun, which when you work hard and turn up for a 6.30am session, is so important. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him, you won’t regret it!!”


Frequently asked questions

What should I expect from a PT session?

I will provide a session that’s in keeping with your fitness goals taking into consideration any injuries and your likes and dislikes. In practice, this means a bit of a warmup followed by the main body of the session, which will be exercises tailored to you and it’s my job to coach you on good technique and keep the session safe and effective. Cooldown and stretching, if applicable, will come at the end.

How long is a session?

Typically an hour, but doesn’t have to be.

Can I train with a friend?


Will you shout at me?

Absolutely not – if you want a trainer who is a bully I promise you’ll have no difficulty in finding one. In fact if you swing a foam roller in a commercial gym and let it go, you’ll probably hit two or three. But bullying and yelling are not my style.

Should I get a bit fitter before I come and see you?

No. That’s just procrastination.

Where are you based?

Central Maidenhead, close to Castle Hill roundabout.

Do you have parking?

Yes. But not for a stretch limo.

Will there be anyone else in the gym?

No. It’s just me and my client or clients.

What does it cost?

Your initial consultation, which can be in person, on the phone or via Zoom, is free. Your first session is £30 with no commitment. Beyond that it depends on the package. The vast majority of my clients buy blocks of ten sessions for £450.

I’m nervous about COVID, what measures do you have in place?

I lateral flow test myself at least every two days. All equipment is cleaned after use either with a 70% alcohol solution, or C-19 PRO spray. The studio is extremely well ventilated and I’m perfectly happy to wear a mask if that’s your preference.



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